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Thread: Fluctuating Signal Strength

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    Fluctuating Signal Strength

    Hello, I just moved my lines from Sprint post paid to Verizon prepaid. I have an unlocked Sprint branded iPhone 8 Plus at ios 13.2. One of the strange things I noticed is the variance in the signal strength. I could be sitting at my computer or standing in my garage (basically immobile) and the signal bars would go from one to four or in reverse. To confirm, I tested at various other locations in my house and holding my phone at a certain height in a certain direction. I get wild fluctuations (+/- 2 or +/- 3). When the phone was on Sprint, I didn't have this problem. Any ideas?

    Also, is there a way to show the signal strength numbers in the top bar instead of the bars? I used to able to do that on iPhone 5 or 6, if I remember via Field Test Mode. Is that still available on this ios 13.2 on my phone? Thanks.
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