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Thread: Justin T to reduce Mobile Rates by 25%

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    Justin T to reduce Mobile Rates by 25%

    An election promise he had made, and if you believe Justin, I'll sell you a canoe in the Sahara.

    I'm in Oz again and just got a $40/35 day pre-paid SIM from Telstra but at half price from Woolies...$20.

    So this is what you get in a free country. lol

    Unlimited national calls and texts.

    Unlimited overseas calls to countries such as Canada, USA, Germany, UK and many more.

    35Gb of data. Any unused data gets saved on future recharges up to 200 Gb.

    $10 off on the next recharge.

    Wow, in a country almost as big as Canada with 12M less people. I love the lame excuses Telcos use back home about the size of Canada and our low population as to why our rates are the highest in the civilized world. As if they have coverage all over Canada...let me roll my eyes. Pure BS!

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    Agree with you. The main difference is Australia allowed foreign telcos like Singtel (Optus), Vodafone and Hutchison (3) to operate there freely.
    Want to learn more about how LTE works?

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