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Thread: LTE vs 3g Call quality

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    Everyone brags about the "download speed". Why? What's that needed for, except speedtest?
    Yep agreed. If you have enough download speed it really doesn't matter how much you've got specifically.

    Probably because data speed is easy to quantify. Texts and voice calls go through with minimal capacity on a cell.

    Otherwise I am with you. Speed testing is mostly a hobby for bragging rights. I have found that 3 Mbps is enough to do what I need to do with a cellphone without noticing that it is slow.
    Agreed. I've run the bluetooth tether on my phone, it gets about 1.5-2mbps and saves loads of power compared to running the wifi hotspot. I'd say it's just fast enough to comfortably surf and stream, 3-5mbps is pretty decent. I can get by on the 600kbps throttle cap but it does slow your roll .

    Funny about the bragging rights... My friend got a new phone (we're both on Verizon), and we did go ahead and have a speedtest drag race, his Motorola E6 was about 10% faster than my BlackBerry KeyOne .

    Quote Originally Posted by JSchnee21 View Post
    But data speeds on Verizon are much slower and in some locations/times congestion can make Verizon data really slow / unusable (for steaming). Never saw this in AT&T in the last 5+ years

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    Agreed re: speeds. Where speeds are good, they're good. But I've seen what you're talking about, until recently my area (Iowa City and Corlaville) had begun to get like 3-6mbps all day (so like well below 1mbps at peak times) whether deprioritized or not, deprio meant like 1mbps virtually all day. Last 6 months or so, I've seen speed shoot way up first in Iowa City and more recently in Coralville. Even got it up to 120mbps once .

    AT&T here is not too great; relatives came in, tried to use their AT&T service to stream a video to their kids tablet, turns out it was running a cool 0.2mbps or so. Mom turned on her hotspot and the tablet got about 20mbps off it (a surprise, I figured it'd be just fast enough, it was about 2mbps around there like weeks earlier...)

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    So just some observations after having used the Pixel 3a for about a month now with a Verizon SIM and AT&T eSIM...
    LTE quality is much better at lower signal strength than with the iphone Xs that I used to have. Verizon especially sounds great with very minimal signal strength. I can be on a call at -110dbm and still have great audio. Here in the Inland Empire, Riverside County, Ca I seem to get much better coverage with Verizon than AT&T and would probably go exclusive with Verizon if I had decent coverage at my house. I don't. But everywhere else that I drive though around the area, Verizon seems pretty reliable but in some areas AT&T coverage is just awful. So essentially it's a wash. Great AT&T at my house, better Verizon around the county.
    I never could really understand the obsession with download speeds. First, there are just too many variables to really make an objective evaluation, and second, I never purchased a phone with the priority being data speed anyway. To me, a phone is a phone and anything else it does is secondary. I suppose I am in the minority. However, too many people judge the phone based on this criteria and I think that is a mistake, especially considering what I mentioned...that there are just too many variables involved when testing data speeds.

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