Wasn't really sure where to put this and I've been googling with no success.

I have a Samsung Galaxy note tablet with a 128gb MicroSD card in it and I bought a 512.
It's Android if that's not obvious.

My brother used something called fast copy to copy one card to another. And I put it in my device and all was well. Until I started copying from the internal storage onto the card.
One file appeared to copy but maybe it didn't. And then the second one crashed.
We tried everything but the 512 card is corrupted. Dead. "Please insert a card into drive E" dead.

Did we use something that changed operating systems?

I was sure that a few years ago my brother cloned a microSD. From a 32 GB to a 128. I don't remember what he used but he did say clone. At the time he had a Mac and he may have had a Linux machine. It went perfectly and I never had a problem.
This time it was Windows 10 and fast copy and 2 thumb drive adapters, USB C.

I'm really not so good with file formats. I think we had previously tried something with exfat. But that didn't work at all. Couldn't calculate the space correctly.

This shouldn't be so hard.
What are we doing wrong?
How can we do it right?
We do need to get it done because the battery inside this device has swollen to the point that the glass has separated from the device and the case is holding it together. I can see inside of it.

This is my second swollen Samsung Galaxy note. My brother performed surgery on my first one over Thanksgiving and now it works again. But we really need to transfer everything and I know there is some sort of Samsung transfer but I can only get one of them to do it.

Plus I have a new phone so I'm going to have to do this cloning thing anyway. The MicroSD card in my new/old phone (had to replace older phone due to tracfone/Verizon CDMA incompatibility. Now I have a real modernish phone like everyone else! :-) ) is smaller than the internal storage.

I'm going to have to clone the 32 gigabyte on to my 64GB and all the rest of that stuff.

We need to know how to do it the right way.

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