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Thread: Alcatel Go Flip?

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    Alcatel Go Flip?

    We just upgraded my mother in law from her ancient LG VX8300 to an Alcatel Go Flip. Is there really no way to sync contacts with any online service except the Verizon Cloud backup service?

    I tried adding a new account but it was just syncing email. It looks like T-mobile's version of the Alcatel has the ability to import contacts but Verizon has disabled it/it doesn't show up in the menus.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Yes, the latest versions of the Alcatel Flip series sold by AT&T and T-Mobile have features the Verizon model does not. Contacts have always been a problem with the basic phones. The old LG phone might be the most problem getting the contacts list off. Does it have a My Verizon or Verizon Cloud app?

    Try this:

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