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Thread: How will the new Federal law affect GV users?

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    How will the new Federal law affect GV users?

    Earlier this week, a Federal law was signed that required U.S.carriers to enact Stir/Shaken protocol for each cellular call. From what I read, Stir/Shaken is a protocol that carriers would implement that authenticates and assigns a value to each incoming call as being legitmate or not as coming from the number indicated. This would ideally prevent "spoofing" a number which so many scam robocallers use to make it appear it is coming from nearby so you would be more likely to pick up the call. Any insight as to how it might affect GV callers? Would it assume an outgoing call a GV makes be SPAM since GV works by spoofing the carrier # and replacing it with the GV #?

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    That's a good question.

    I use ONLY my GV #s, over data only, because I have no real phone #s.

    Since my calls go over data only, and the caller ID is the actual Google Voice #, hopefully I and others that use their GV #s over data only won't be affected.

    But then again, perhaps GV #s won't be affected at all?

    Only time will tell...

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    By extension, if taken to the extreme, couldn’t this also affect any VoIP numbers? That is why I am optimistic that GV may be OK...

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    I thought the way the protocol is supposed to work is that the number-owner provider "signs" the number so it can't be credibly spoofed if originated elsewhere. As long as Google buys in to the framework, it should be ok.

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