AT&T had a pretty aggressive 2019 with their LTE rollout here in Southwestern Wisconsin which has long been a massive coverage gap. They started working with Bugtussel Wireless, former wholesale GSM turned fixed-wireless provider, probably two years ago to construct towers and provide backhaul for AT&T. The partner coverage map seems to be the only updated map AT&T has published for quite some time and is only reflected on the HD voice layer. Overall, I've seen a drastic improvement in coverage this past year, possibly exceeding Verizon and US Cellular. The new towers are being constructed with impressive destiny for a rural area. This is incredibly helpful in this region which sits in the bluffs making it difficult for signals to make it over and around the hills. However, with this being wireless backhaul, speeds are pretty lackluster and usually peak around 35Mbps. All the towers seem to have B14, B12 5*5 and B30 5*5 deployed with the new Firstnet equipment on the sites. I assume n2 will be lit up sometime this year as the 5G deployments become more widespread. While the speeds leave a lot to be desired, the site density is really starting to provide more connectivity in more places than Verizon and US Cellular which is frankly more important. The expansion doesn't seem to be finished either. I just saw a new tower go up in St. Joseph, WI with AT&T panels installed the other day. Exciting things happening with the expansions nationwide! Name:  Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 6.59.38 PM.jpg
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