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Thread: basic flip and physical keyboard phone will works 2020-2025

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    basic flip and physical keyboard phone will works 2020-2025

    Hi there, my parents are 70s. My Magenta Plus plan have extra lines for them.

    Is there a flip phone out there that will still receive text & calls after 3G/2G shutdown?
    ...does tmobile/gsm unlocked motorola V3# (V3, V3i, V3xx, V3t, etc) still works?

    Is there a phone with physical Qwerty/Qwertz keyboard (sidekick, blackberry) that I can get for my dad that will works into 2020s (and roaming international)?

    Thankful and sincerely.

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    This flip phone on T-Mobile's website has all of the 4G LTE bands including band 71. So it will work going forward:

    As for keyboard phones, they still make some under the Blackberry name such as this one:

    It's an Android phone so it has plenty of apps. It looks like it has a number of other bands so it should roam internationally. It has T-Mobile LTE bands 2, 4 and 12. It doesn't, however, have band 71.

    When I clicked Buy Now it showed it was exclusively sold at AT&T. I don't know if there is an unlocked version available.

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