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Thread: whether to port number or to get new number

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    whether to port number or to get new number

    Same cell phone number over twenty years, with same carrier provider, but prefix of the number is of a location a few miles from where I actually live.

    I will soon want to start cellular service with a different carrier and a different device. I could setup with a new cellular telephone number. Which is better? Port my current number, or to just ask for a new number for the new carrier and the new device? If new number, I should have the opportunity to get a number with my current same area code BUT with a prefix which better reflects where I am. Which is better?

    Any advice welcome

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    A few years ago, I ported my cell phone number to Google Voice (cost $20). It was a great move. Typically porting a cell phone number between providers works just fine, but I've had a few nightmares along the way. Now I just get a new number and not bother with the hassle of porting when I switch providers. I just link my Google Voice number with the new provider phone number and I'm in business quickly.

    There are many other advantages with Google Voice that I value, like being able to to get emails when somebody texts me or leaves voicemail. Since I'm an old fuddy-duddy, I really like being on my desktop computer, going to, and send/reply to text message on my nice monitor and keyboard.

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