Many of you have been asking lately how to bypass Verify your account screen on your Samsung phone after performing factory reset.
Today Cellcorner is happy to announce remote FRP lock removal service.

What is FRP (Factory Reset Protection lock) and why do I need to reset it?

Starting with Android 5.1 Lollipop Google introduced a new security feature called Factory Reset Protection (FRP) also known as Activation lock. It acts similar to iCloud on Apple devices.
Nowadays all Android smartphone manufacturers implemented some form of Factory Reset Protection security feature: Samsung, Huawei, LG, Google (Pixel / Nexus series), Sony, HTC.

FRP lock prevents somebody from accessing your mobile device when it's lost or stolen or after a factory reset has been performed unless user knows your Google account credentials used to set up your gadget.
FRP is useful in cases when your phone is stolen or lost because whoever has the device won't be able to use it without knowing your Google username and password.

On the other hand what if you are a genuine owner and just forgot your Google account password or don't have access to your old email?
Another frequent case when someone would want to bypass FRP lock is when smartphone was bought second hand from Amazon, Ebay or Craigslist and had previously been synced to an unknown user.

What does Factory reset (hard reset) do and what are the benefits?

When user performs factory reset the device returns to the form it was when it came out of the factory meaning that all user settings, downloaded pictures, videos and installed apps are cleared out of the memory.
There are many reasons why would one want to reset the cell phone to factory defaults.
First of all it's a security feature allowing to delete all user-specific data in one step, with one click of a button. In many cases this can be done remotely e.g. when the device is lost or stolen.
Factory reset is also usually performed as the first troubleshooting step when your gadget is "misbehaving" i.e. hanging up unexpectedly, rebooting, draining battery abnormally, etc

Guide how to use FRP unlock service

To permanently and safely remove FRP lock from your Samsung device you will need:

  1. USB cable for data transfer (usually it is the cable that came with your phone)
  2. PC with Windows OS installed
  3. Stable internet connection (no public Hot Spots)

  1. Go to FRP unlock service page
  2. Enter your phone's IMEI number
  3. Place the order
  4. Follow instructions in the email we send you and setup your PC
  5. Wait for one of our technicians to connect and perform the service. It will take less than 5 minutes.
  6. Enjoy your fully unlocked phone

Remove FRP lock from your Samsung now

What is important to know

FRP removal service WILL NOT unlock your phone to be used on other network. If you require such service click here
If the phone is blacklisted by a carrier due to unpaid bill or reported stolen you will not be able to use it on US carriers. You can use this service to check if phone is blacklisted

Free FRP unlock

If you are willing to film a video of the above process and publish it on youtube for a limited time we are offering free FRP lock removal service. Please click the link below to see if you qualify.

How to remove Google FRP lock for free