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Thread: Total Wireless Service Issue

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    Total Wireless Service Issue

    I have been having problems in a certain area near me with dropped calls. Since Total Wireless in a Verizon MVNO, can I contact them or do they only take reports like that from regular Verizon customers?

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    You can't contact Verizon for issue. You need to have a true Verizon user with the same issue to report it. I had a local tower giving out the wrong time zone.

    Just wondering, is this a CDMA area or LTE area with this drop? If it is a CDMA area, they will not fix it from what I understand because Verizon is dropping their CDMA network. If it is a LTE area, hopefully you have VoLTE and that should fix it. Just need a little bit more info.

    Edit: It could be just a gap between the LTE towers, too.

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    Last time I tried to contact VZW (~5 yrs ago) I couldn't get past the automated system. Because I didn't have a VZW number & there was no navigating the automated system without a VZW 10 digit number.

    Otoh I'm on RP ATT & a couple times I called ATT when RP was helpful but out of their depth. Once a nationwide VM problem & then another time a nationwide Texting problem. ATT fixed it both times & were nice about it.
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