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Thread: Is Smart Switch all that?

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    Is Smart Switch all that?

    Hi folks... supreme cheapo phone user here.

    Current phone is a T-Mo unlocked Galaxy S7 running on H2O wireless. It was gifted to me a couple years ago - I would never spend that sort of dough on a phone.

    Well, the battery is getting weak and I doubt it's worth the price of replacing, so I'm looking for my next cheapo phone. When I say "cheap", I mean the $150 range.

    Now, there are all sorts of phones in that range, but switching phones is a hassle in terms of transferring everything. Samsung Smart Switch appears to save a bunch of hassle. If that's true, I might spring the full $180 for a Galaxy A10. I think there are probably better phones in my price range, so I'd like to get convinced that it's worth buying the A10 over some of the other choices because it will make switching phones ever so much easier.

    So convince me.

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    I got the unlocked moto e4 over a year ago for $123. It is a good phone.

    I don't think switching is hard. Just backup any personal files like photos. Google should backup your contacts. I don't save my text.

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