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Thread: Traveling from US to Mexico. What works?

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    Traveling from US to Mexico. What works?

    Wife and I are traveling to Cabo in 3 weeks. We have 3 others in the group. I want to make sure we can all keep in contact with texting, at a minimum.

    Straight Talk all told me my phones will not work in Mexico. Wife has an unlocked OnePlus 5 and I have an unlocked OnePlus 7 pro. We both use the $45 monthly plan. The international calling plan only works with calls originating from the US. So that won't help.

    After doing some research it looks like the WhatsApp app should work as it's wifi based. As long as we are connected to WiFi. Anybody have experience in this situation? Last thing I want is a useless phone when I'm wanting to keep in Touch with friends that may be on the beach or in town.

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    You could do a month of Simple Mobile (with new numbers just for that time). All their plans roam for free in Mexico (and other Latin American countries).

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    Change to AT&T prepaid permanently. $100 for 2 Unlimited Plus lines. Everything works in Canada, USA and Mexico for no extra charge. You can pay less than that if you aren't maxing out your data usage (that Straighttalk plan allows 25GB?).

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    Get Cricket or Metro lines as they both offer cheap Mexico plans. If you get wifi (hotel, coffee shops, etc) many phones can text and some have wifi calling. I suggest everyone use WhatsApp as it works great over wifi for calling, text, pic messaging, and videos. Cricket and Metro are my favorites for my frequent trips to Mexico. Also check out Boost too as they have some cheap Mexico add on plans and run on Movistar network in Mexico and it's great coverage.

    I just noticed that Boost charges additional $5.00 month for their Mexico plan..great deal.

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