This is not a GPS or POI question, so that is why I am posting in his area. I bought a DVMEGA Cast, which is an AMBE3000 based Multimode IP radio for DMR, D-Star and Fusion, which are three digital modes used on amateur radio VHF/UHF bands. I also installed a DVMEGA DVstick 30, which, as I understand it, allows the DVMEGA Cast to act as a de facto server. I have installed BlueDV AMBE on my Samsung Galaxy S9 and I have been trying to connect to my DVMEGA Cast with the BlueDV AMBE, but I have been unsuccessful.

The directions are a bit unclear to me, but I think what I might need to do is configure my router to allow Port Forwarding, so that I can connect with the BlueDV AMBE Android app.

For those that are, or were, into networking, does that make sense and sound like something I should try?