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Thread: Will there be 32gb TF's under $80

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    I used a Moto G6 as my daily driver for several months and loved it. The glass back was no issue for me since I always put a case on my phones. Too clumsy to go without a case! I have since passed the G6 on to my husband to use as a camera and way to check email when we travel. He still insists on a basic flip phone. I am hoping the G6 will ease him into the idea of considering a smart phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WheelieBoot View Post
    Odd they would put glass on back.
    Quote Originally Posted by bobdevnul View Post
    The G6 back is glass. No idea why they thought that was a good idea.
    It'd been a feature on high end phones for a few years now. Slowly working down to lower spec phones.

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