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Thread: Tracfone/Safelink balance returns all zeros?

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    Tracfone/Safelink balance returns all zeros?

    For the past 2 days, when I check my balance through the tracfone app, or text message 611611 "BALANCE", it is returning all zeros for data/minutes/texts. However, I can still use my phone normally, it is able to make and receive calls, texts, and I have data.

    Is anybody else having this problem too?

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    There's THIS THREAD at end of January. I just used fastactportal to check the balances of my phones and the results were: the one on Verizon showed blank for text units, the one on AT&T showed 0 (incorrect) for text, the one one T-mo showed the correct amount. Talk minutes, data, service end dates were correct for all 3 phones. I don't know if the Fastactportal method works for a phone on TF/Safelink.

    When I used the app on 2/1/20 to check/record the balances of my 3 phones, all numbers were correct.

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    Fastactportal gives this message
    An unknown error has occured
    please try again later or contact
    us at 1-800-867-7183 if the
    problem persists.

    I am also showing all zeros in the my tracfone app and in the text message when I send the word balance to 611 611. I guess I feel a little better knowing it's not just me. I thought maybe I did something wrong but I can still make calls and send texts so obviously it's incorrect.

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