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Thread: LG Volt in bootloop. Anyway to access data on the phone before factory reset?

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    LG Volt in bootloop. Anyway to access data on the phone before factory reset?

    Phone has been freezing up and running slow for about a week... today it started bootlooping. I can enter the factory reset screen... tried wipe cache, but it didn't fix it. Before I try to factory reset, or other scorched earth methods, is there anyway I can get the data off the phone?

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    I am not an expert but I think if you can boot to Recovery you may be able to plug the phone into the PC and access files that way. I am also pretty sure that if you can get to Fastboot mode you should be able to copy files via ADB commands. Your best bet is to search on XDA for your phone model, and/or Google how to enter Recovery & Fastboot for your phone.


    Recovery & Fastboot

    Good luck!

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    post on here;

    they are Android experts

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