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Thread: Would like to unlock AT&T LG Neon Plus (LMX320AM8AAG4BLY)

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    San Fransisco Would like to unlock AT&T LG Neon Plus (LMX320AM8AAG4BLY)

    Good day!

    I recently purchased an AT&T LG Neon Plus phone from Walmart for $69.00.

    It's a great cheap phone that I'm using with an AT&T MVNO SIM Card,
    but I would like to use it with a T-Mobile SIM Card, instead.

    Before opening the box it came in, tried the AT&T unlock web page.
    The first request failed to go through, the second request was denied.

    Paid and submitted a request for an unlock code here:

    No joy. My payment was refunded within the hour because no unlock code
    could be found.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!
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    While I can't offer a specific unlock site, you might check the XDA-developers forum for help.

    I believe that after 12 months of continuous service on At&t they will provide an unlock upon request. Good luck.
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