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Thread: Rogers transfer of responsibility

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    Rogers transfer of responsibility

    Hello all, I'm really hoping I can figure out some solution to my predicament

    Back in November I got a brand new iPhone 11 promax on a financing deal, so it's $75 a month for my regular plan plus about $70 a month for the phone itself charged separately

    I'm going to be going to the states for quite some time on a project, and the company I'll be working with over there is going to be giving me a phone at no cost to myself… Cancelling the contract with Rogers seems like a quite a bit of an undertaking almost over $1000 to cancel it, I'm sure I can get that much for the phone and just pay it off but a transfer of responsibility just seems a lot easier

    However, when I called in to give permission to one of my friends to do it, they said that I would be charged the full subsidy, because it's financing, it will not transfer over to him. I did look on Kijiji and there's plenty of people offering the service, but I'm not trying to get stuck in some type of scam, does anyone have any resources or information on how to do a transfer of responsibility on financing? I'm not leaving for a couple of weeks so if I have an answer by then, great, if not I'll just have to sell it and pay off the device balance.

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    Hello djkaozz,

    Since the upgrades are no longer completed on subsidized rates, you must pay the remaining balance of the device before processing a Transfer of Responsibility.

    Hope this helps!


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