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Thread: Samsung Galaxy S9+ Verizon based Volte problem

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    Samsung Galaxy S9+ Verizon based Volte problem

    I have a Galaxy S9+ that is Verizon based but I use it on the straight talk-Verizon network. My problem is every time I make a call my signal in my status bar goes to 1x and it's grayed out. I can't access the internet through a browser or through any apps when on a call which means my VoLTE isn't working and it's driving me crazy. My 4glte data is working perfect when not in a call. I have the volte option enabled in my settings and straight talk says it's working on their end but it's not on my end. I know I have the correct APN settings as I have experimented with all of straight talks APN's. I can't figure it out. I had a Galaxy s8+ with the same service Verizon based and all through straight talk and volte worked on it. Please help!!! Thank you.

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    Try flashing G965U1 XAA rom, usually works much better in such as cases. I'm sure it will resolve the issue.

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    Hi i agree try flashing the rom it can work.

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    Hi. I also have S9 and everything is ok so far. But anyway thanks for the information. Who knows probably sometime I would have the same issue.

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