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Thread: New, Unlocked iPhone XR, using AT&T MVNO (FreedomPop) - Can't update APN settings.

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    Question New, Unlocked iPhone XR, using AT&T MVNO (FreedomPop) - Can't update APN settings.

    Hi folks, it's been ages since I've posted here. I'm helping a student at the help desk where I work. She purchased an UNLOCKED iPhone XR directly from She has a FreedomPop 1GB/mo annual GSM plan. With the Sim in the phone, it acts like it's an AT&T-Locked phone when you go to the Cellular Settings. I.E. it has all the AT&T options there, but the ability to modify the APN settings is missing.

    Reading support documents, they say that if the APN settings are missing, then you have a carrier-locked phone. However, as a test, I popped my Mint Sim into it (T-Mo MVNO) and immediately the phone recognized it and put in Mint's settings.

    We spent an hour on the phone with Apple who confirmed that yes indeed it is an Unlocked phone (I knew that already form the Mint test) and that it Should let you change the APN. The best she could do was give me instructions to connect to iTunes and do a full factory restore and update of the phone. That didn't fix anything either.

    My working theory is that the XR is recognizing the FreedomPop sim as an AT&T Sim and (un)helpfully pre-loading the settings for AT&T's network. However I need to be able to change the APN to the to get mobile data going.

    I've gotten nowhere and we're stuck. Any tips or tricks?

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