Seems that if I have a physical SIM and the eSIM in my phone something strange happens when I deal into my voicemail.
When listening to the "please enter your password, then press pound" the dialer's keypad is totally unresponsive. I cannot get it to pop up unless I keep pressing it over and over. Eventually it will pop up but the number keys are still not responsive. If I am lucky enough such that the voicemail hasn't hung up on me, eventually it will finally work. This ONLY happens when I am dialing into my voicemail. The keypad works normally when I am on a call.

This happens whether I call the voicemail associated with my physical SIM (US MOBILE) or if I call the voicemail associated with my eSIM (Tmobile). If anything, the Tmobile one is a slight bit more responsive but neither are good, and I run the risk of the voicemail perhaps disconnecting me because I can't respond on the keypad quickly enough.

I have contacted Google, they had me go through a bunch of tests and resets, but still nothing helps. IF I take the physical SIM out of the phone, all is well. I think I may have to do a factory reset but this is so involved that I really hate to do so. Plus, if I do, I have to have the eSIM setup in the phone once again.

Any ideas? My voicemail is almost unusable like this.

ONE clue that I think MIGHT be to blame, but not sure....
When I went to Tmobile a week ago, the rep in the store mistakenly set up the eSIM by just putting it's IMEI into their system without having erased the old one that was set up with AT&T my former carrier. When I checked the phone, it still said "AT&T" in its setup to I had her redo setting it up using the QR code. I myself then "erased" the old reference to the AT&T eSIM. It's now gone but this current problem persists. I don't recall if I was having the dialer problem prior to signing up with Tmobile.

Any ideas?