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    Pageplus Sim

    I am thinking of switching to a monthly plan from pay as you go. I am going to get a new phone.
    Do I need to buy a pp sim card or can I just get a Sim card of the Apple store?


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    I am not sure with plan changes.

    You have to get a PagePlus or any Verizon based Tracfone SIM. There is places that you can you get one for around $.99.

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    Sorry, I'm not clear on the questions.

    OP, You're getting a new phone....what phones (new and old)?
    Maybe you don't even need a sim if your old has one.
    What's you concern on changing plans?

    As @advcomp2019 mentioned you can use any VZW based Tracfone company sim from many local stores. (don't need to wait for PP to send you one) Maybe you don't even need a new sim depending on your phones answer.

    Plans don't care what phone or sim you have. You can easily move from PayGo to monthly.

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