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Thread: Anyone have a phone with the FM chip and use the

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    Anyone have a phone with the FM chip and use the

    NextRadio app? Wondering if it still works or not. I’m thinking about buying a phone to only use its FM chip.

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    I have the unlocked moto e4 that has FM radio.

    It came with an app called "FM Radio" that I use.

    It requires a headphone plugged in to use as the antenna. It says you can try it without the headphone but warns it might not work good or at all without it so I never tried it without the headphone.

    I think the FM radio works good and has good sound.

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    Most modern Android phones have the FM chip. NextRadio is one of the most popular applications to allow its use, but there are others. From time to time, I played with it on more than one Samsung Galaxy phone since my S4 device. I find it more convenient to use Pandora instead as I can customize certain songs that I don't want to hear and give thumbs up for ones I prefer. The drawback is that Pandora does require either a Wifi or cellular connection to work vs. the FM chip that allows the user to listen via the standard FM frequencies. Where I live, there are only a few stations I can listen to over the air.
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