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Thread: New 2GB Plan, More Data and/or Hotspot Temporarily Included with Some Plans

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    Honestly I never thought Cricket would do the ol bait-n-switch to their customers. Second thoughts, they are sister AT&T well that explains it.

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    New 2GB Plan, More Data and/or Hotspot Temporarily Included with Some Plans

    Quote Originally Posted by quint101 View Post
    Yeah, the text came in.

    Cricket Free Msg: We hope the $15/2GB plan has helped you during this difficult time. Starting July 15, 2020, the plan will no longer be available. You can either select a different plan or we will move you to the $30/2GB plan when your bill cycle renews after July 14, 2020. To find out about available plans, visit . Thank you for being a Cricket customer.
    Won’t be surprised if they up the price on the $15 att prepaid plan also this summer

    Edit: employee are posting the att prepaid plan goes up just like cricket with no grandfathering. Not surprised.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hogan773 View Post
    Grandfathers don't always live forever!
    Yes but I didn't know I bought one with a terminal disease with 1 month left to live.

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