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Thread: Just Curious ?

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    Just Curious ?

    I always see that the most people responding on the Howard Forums are at the Tracfone listing . Do you think Tracfone is the most used prepaid phone company?

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    Yes. And if you count all of Carlos Slime's MVNOs together I'm 100% sure by far.
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    I think it's because what applies for TF generally applies to all TF (Movil) companies. Whether you're with ST, TW, Net10, SM or Page Plus you can, generally speaking, get an applicable answer here all in one place. Not that each sub company doesn't have quirks of their own, but in general this forum will have something for every one. I'm with PP. Sometimes I'll post in here, sometime in PP, depending on whether it's an issue that would only apply to PP or to any TF company. Ends up it's more times here since most issues apply to all the sub companies and you'll get a wider range of opinion. So why post in all the forums. I'll still read the others, there's always a tidbit to be had, but generally what applies to one applies to all.

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