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Thread: Anyone have a Legacy Gold Rewards or $3/mo they want to get rid of (with an old SIM?)

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    Anyone have a Legacy Gold Rewards or $3/mo they want to get rid of (with an old SIM?)

    I'm looking to pick up a Legacy Gold Rewards account that has a SIM that's also a few years old.

    Does not need to be high balance, as I just want the SIM around to use in some older devices from time to time.

    Apparently, my SIM's after TM9260 no longer work in older devices (my Nokia 2190 still rejects the TM9260, so i'd prefer one even a bit older if possible)

    Anyway, if anyone has any "reasonably" priced leads, leave them here.. as I'm not sure i'm up for what they're asking on eBay right now just to be a nerd and carry a Nokia 2190 around.
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    I am one, pretty high balance though...

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