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Thread: Does AT&T 5g+ even exist right now?

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    Does AT&T 5g+ even exist right now?

    Because AT&T shows lack of transparency says otherwise. They list cities but not where in the cities it’s live even if it’s one street corner. I know 5g is in its infancy but come on. They can make maps of its low band cities but not high band? I’m praying Verizon or the new T-Mobile comes to my city soon.

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    I'm just outside of one of AT&T's 5G "launch" cities in which Verizon also set up shop early on. Over the last year, Verizon popped up a lot of of mmWave sites in my neighborhood. I think I've come across a few that might be AT&T's—they look kind of like what Verizon is doing, but are using different hardware and are right next to Verizon ones. Currently, the line I'm running on AT&T's network is on Cricket and I'm getting decent speeds on low-band 5G or multiple-carrier-aggregated LTE, but I'd be curious to see what I can get at a "5G+" site if I can find one (supposedly my plan supports it).

    It seems that the Cricket carrier bundle on iOS only shows "5G" regardless of the type of connection (no "5G+" display like AT&T proper), so that makes it a little tougher to spot, too. Then again, I was running into this with n71 vs. n41 on T-Mobile, too (same indicator for everything, kind of tell with either Field Test or running a speed test).

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    I'll have to wait until I go into LA proper to see it. On my work iPhone 12, I see n5 5MHz + 20MHz of B2, which isn't anything to write home about. LtE here has 5CA, and actually delivers more. B2+B4+B12/14 + B29 + B30. My Samsung s10e was showing 55MHz worth

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