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Thread: Sprint Early Upgrades with Transition to T-Mobile

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    Sprint Early Upgrades with Transition to T-Mobile

    Hi folks, I'm one of those Sprint subscribers whose actually paid full freight so I could lease and upgrade annually with Sprint. The last time I looked into switching to T-Mobile, leases don't work so well with them, because you had to buy their insurance if you leased. I have two lines, both with upgrade windows after the August 2nd (one is eligible Augst 1 and the other September 1) sunsetting of the Sprint brand. My questions are as follows:

    1) Will T-Mobile honor annual upgrade at least for my upcoming upgrades? I pay the $5 early upgrade fee for one line, and my other lease included the upgrade after one year at no cost

    2) Does T-Mobile still require insurance with leases?

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    I want to know what’s going to happen to my 3 hotspot plans (two with 50gbs) and an htc hub with 100gbs. I already got an email saying I won’t have access to sprints 5g (not like I had it anyway) but will T-Mobile honor the rate plans? In the email it also said I’d get a $300 credit for the hub line.

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    Along these lines, I am considering the annual Upgrade with Sprint. I wonder if I should plan to do that or hold out for T-Mobile to offer some deals.

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