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Thread: My Super Budget Gaming PC

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    My Super Budget Gaming PC

    Bought a Dell Optiplex 780 on Ebay for $60 with shipping.
    Came with a Core 2 Duo 3.1 Ghz e8500 Wolfdale Processor
    Upgraded it to 8GB of DDR3 RAM with 1033mhz clock speed ($9 with shipping upgrade off Ebay)
    128GB SSD PNY drive ($20 brand new off Amazon)
    1GB DDR5 ATI Radeon HD 7000 series low profile video card ($15 off Ebay)

    Total investment is $104 with shipping and everything. No, this rig can't play the latest AAA titles at decent frame rates, but it plays plenty of older games and less intensive titles just fine. I've been playing Fallout New Vegas, Oblivion, and Team Fortress 2 just fine with it.

    If anyone out there likes the idea of PC gaming but doesn't want to spend an arm and leg getting their feet wet doing so, you can easily take a used Dell Optiplex and do some basic upgrades to it and get into playing plenty of titles just fine for under $150. Most of these off-lease PC's come with a legitimate key for Windows 7 that is fine for gaming even though it's now officially no longer supported. Or if you're less scrupulous, there are other ways to get a copy of Windows 10 that I can't officially endorse on this forum

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    Great going.
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    I made this thread completely with the understanding that you can make a decent gaming PC with a $300 or $400 budget, but sometimes if you just want to play the classics there's no need to spend even that much. The rig I upgraded plays every title I want to play just fine. If the games you want to play are 10+ years old, there's no need to pay more, especially while there's a part shortage going on right now from China.

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