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Thread: Macro site bands

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    Macro site bands

    I've wondered if anyone knows why every Macro site I've seen only broadcasts Bands 2 & 4. Wouldn't it make more sense to broadcast Band 7 to give faster speeds to a greater area? Is it a hardware limitation with them?
    All the Macro cells in my town are 2 & 4 where the large tower on the mountain broadcasts 7.

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    B4 was the first LTE band deployed, so those were the first radios installed.

    B2 is able to use existing 3G radio in certain scenarios, so that is just a software update to enable LTE.

    B7 requires a new radio, and is only deployed in areas requiring additional capacity. It's mostly in urban, suburban, and some small towns. Generally not in rural areas.
    Want to learn more about how LTE works?

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