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Thread: Should I upgrade my hotspot?

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    Should I upgrade my hotspot?

    I have an AC791L hotspot on the Loyalty gUDP plan.

    It was bought in 2016 and while functioning Ok it has started to get wonky. It needs to be rebooted more often than just the occasional every few months.

    Is there any advantage to the newer models? If so, which one?

    I think, but am not sure, that the gUDP plans are limited in what bands they can operate in so don’t want to get a new device only to find out it won’t work any different than what I have now.

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    if you upgrade your hotspot, you may lose your gUDP -

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    I would think as long as you don't buy a hotspot from AT&T you'd be okay. I have some Unlimited Plus hotspot only lines and switch the sim cards around all of the time.

    Also - here's a great video about using newer tech for hotspots:

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