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Thread: Any advantage to switching from PagePlus to Verizon Pre-paid?

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    Any advantage to switching from PagePlus to Verizon Pre-paid?

    Hi all! I am most likely buying a OnePlus 8 Pro (if they ever come back in stock), and I have heard about problems with getting OnePlus phones working with PagePlus properly. I have been a satisfied customer of PagePlus for 7 years with only a minor hiccup when I was adding a 4G LTE phone back in the days when they technically weren't supported by PagePlus (but I got it added and working anyway). The reason I am thinking about switching is because I don't want to worry about narrowing down my phone buying choices based on whether or not everything will be compatible with PagePlus.

    I'm in the market for a new phone and have heard PagePlus issues with Samsung, OnePlus and Verizon firmware phones (the Moto Edge+ currently is only offered with Verizon firmware).

    Verizon seems to have a deal right now with pre-paid offering $55/month for unlimited everything (normal price $70, $5 discount for auto-pay and $10 monthly credit from Verizon brings it down to $55/month excluding tax/fees). Is coverage any better on Verizon pre-paid VS Verizon MVNO?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Verizon prepaid should have better LTEiRA roaming support vs PagePlus. LTEiRA has been hit or miss on MVNOs, and I have had issues using TracFone brand Total Wireless.
    I'm not sure if PagePlus still has CDMA roaming (I know it has roaming before TracFone acquired it). That will be nullified with a CDMA-less device such as the OnePlus.

    CDMA-less phone support has improved on MVNOs of late (at least on Spectrum, XFinity and from my recent experience, Total Wireless), but I do understand wanting more consistent device support. Verizon prepaid will offer that a little bit more.

    If OnePlus is an option, I would suggest a 7T over the 8 series right now. You can't buy a Verizon-branded OnePlus 8, even full price, without having or creating a postpaid account. The unlocked model will not get 5G on Verizon until they refarm spectrum using DSS (that isn't planned until late FY2020).

    Also, Verizon doesn't currently allow 5G access on Prepaid (only postpaid, Spectrum and XFinity currently), and that will likely be the case for at least a year. It should change for Prepaid sooner than MVNOs, but Verizon was previously slow to implement tech improvements on Prepaid.

    I would say buying a 5G phone for Verizon Prepaid/MVNO use is not a good investment currently. There are good 2019 flagships going cheap now, including the 7T, that will last long enough to find out more on the 5G access timeline.

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