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Thread: Blocking Text Messages at Boost Moble - VENTING!!!

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    Blocking Text Messages at Boost Moble - VENTING!!!

    I don't use texting. Since Boost Mobile took over Virgin Mobile, it looks like I've been getting charged several times a day for text messages which appear to be coming from my own number. That's being looked into. In the mean time, I've asked that all text messages be blocked as it was with Virgin. I talked to 3 reps, and the all told me it couldn't be done - it's not in the system. I can only block specific numbers. I must have spent hours on the phone with them.

    I looked around their web page, and low and behold...

    My Boost - Dashboard - Scroll down to My Device - Click on Call Settings - Click on EDIT next to Call ID and Blocking, and there is the check box for "Block all incoming texts All incoming texts except for legal and regulatory messages will be blocked.". The setting that 3 Boost Mobile reps said did not exist!

    I don' know if they could have hid it any better.
    If I didn't have so much money in my account, I'd be looking at Boost Mobil in my rear view mirror!!!

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    How did you get the My Boost app? From the Play Store or on a new Boost phone?

    On many Android phones there used to be a setting for rejecting calls from anyone not on your contact list. Not sure if that included texts as well. That seems to have gone away, and you can only block individual calls or texts.

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    My Boost is on their web page menu across the top.

    "Phones Plans Why Boost Deals Support My Boost"

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