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Thread: 911 Calls with inactive Sim and without Sim

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    911 Calls with inactive Sim and without Sim

    1) If one has a cell phone with a registered sim card, but the account is not active for paid calls, if one calls 911, can the operator access the phone number and/or name of the caller, or is a non-active registered Sim card the same as no card for purposes of 911 calls?

    2) When making a 911 call without a Sim card, is there any way to see the signal strength on any network, or does one just have to keep trying to dial?

    3) When making a 911 call with an inactive Sim card, and being able to see the signal strength, is that just for the carrier of the Sim card, or is there a way to use the signal strength meter to know if you have a signal for alt. networks that would carry the emergency call?

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    E911 is not fully implemented nationwide, but it has made major updates over the years. Typically, when a 911 call is made the phone will connect to whatever tower is closest. Most phones have the address that the user enters in the phone settings to identify their home address that the E911 service (where available) when the call is connected.

    The phone has the ability to place 911 calls even if the phone has no SIM card or simply no active service. While not perfect, when E911 is not available, they typically try to "triangulate" the user's location based on the local towers that the phone is connected to.

    If you need more detailed information, I recommend that you do an internet search. I hope this helps.
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