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Thread: Help starting a SWAC plan

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    Help starting a SWAC plan

    I have received a SWAC invite, but I’m running into an issue when checking out. I had Sprint a few years ago, but ported out because of bad service at my old apartment. Now I’m trying to come back and start a SWAC plan, but it is giving me an error on the final checkout page after I enter my information and social. It is saying I already have an account, so it asks me to log in. I am able to log in using my old account info, but then it errors out and says my account has been closed. I am at a loss of what to do because I tried calling Sprint but the agent could only help me with setting up a regular account, and didn’t seem like she knew what SWAC was. Am I just out of luck because I’ve used Sprint in the past? I really want to come back now because they’re merging with T-Mobile and I hope to be grandfathered, and there’s a Sprint tower with massive mimo right behind my new apartment.

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    Sprint's customer service is OK, but this seems like an issue that may be confusing to their frontline support staff. I did some searching, in an effort to help you and fo It's an old thread from 2019, but I did find this email:

    [email protected]

    Not sure if it is still valid, but it may be worth sending him a quick, professional, email, explaining what you are hoping to accomplish. Good luck.

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