I just got a 32gb AT&T LG Neon Plus and it looks nice with its shiny Moroccan Blue back. It looks and feels well made. Nice screen, good size for those who don't need a large phone.

It came with a bunch of apps I didn't want and after uninstalling those, not TOO much junk. I went into settings and chose the LG home screen with the app drawer so the apps don't clutter up the main screens. Then I organized the apps remaining on the home screen into folders.

For some reason the phone was detected as K30 on my "Google sign in detected." The Neon is a LM-X320AM8 running Android version 9.

It has a Google Assistant button below the volume buttons. I thought it was a camera button before I saw the paperwork.

The main item of concern was when I tried to open the card tray on the side. I tried the mini tool supplied with the phone, one I got with an LG Fiesta, and a paper clip. I couldn't budge the thing. Someone else tried with the tiny supplied tool and couldn't budge the thing. My other phones with non removable batteries and external card trays are easy to open but this one was a beast. Finally someone else tried and they got it to open. I inserted the micro SD card and hope when it needs to come out, it will.

Haven't activated it. I like to use a phone on WiFi for awhile before electing to activate.

A clear phone case is on the way. I like the one on my Moto e6. Simple is sometimes better.

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