I had to post a thread on this wee economical phone, because there so much inaccurate info about it from so called reviewers. Yes there is some bad sides to this phone, but there are a lot ofor good sides that pay off in the long run.

To put it simply I am use to modding Samsung devices to be more robust with stock firmwares. Enabling features that were stripped out by the factory. One reason why I got this phone was Androld 9.0, the other was LG UX9. Sure LG stripped some features that are found on more expensive models, but none the less some features can be added without root.

So this is an informative of facts based on minor tweaks and finding out the real hardware specs... without having to root or buy one to find out for your own.

Facts: 3gb system rom not as reported as to be 2gb. Volte enabled with video call and voice over ip connection built in. The sim and provider controls how it is enabled. With Tracfone and Verizon, simpley enabling HD voice is the same thing as enabling Volte. Hidden are a few features, force installed apps to SD card, and force all apps as dual apps. The later works well with opening two file managers simultaneously. Making them work like Solid Explorer in split window but more like windows. Just drag and drop to a folder. Pretty cool, though I can't fathom using it on other apps. Though duo seems to be an app that's recommended. Beyond my use, but there you have it. So far I have not had an issue with 128gb sd card. Had fully tested with 64gb sd card from my tablet. So don't believe the specs on the phone as being a limitation. Like the os has more to do to being able to read large capacity sd cards more than the hardware. Nobody in their right mind would limit hardware to just 32gb, in today's designs. So storage is not as limited as reviewers tell you. In fact it's a wonder if anyone is really reviewing this phone, or there is a hidden agenda not to make a simple basic phone be better than a higher brand name. Battery capacity is small, but your using android 9.0... it's light years ahead of past versions. Once you set up the power options, and data restrictions, you find your phone does very well at conserving power. Infact you can literally have your phone stay in standby for 24 hours or more without a single drop in battery charge. It's a wee daunting once you see all the options. To add to it, I recommend adding Pixel Digital Wellbeing and it's side kick Family whatever it is. Once installed the Wellbeing app will tie into your system settings menu. You can access it and it sort of looks like the system cleanup utility. Since I am minimal I prefer to set my device to high contrast mode. In high contrast mode, it is mostly black and white with added colour accents. Mostly orange and some other blue or purple colours. Looks clean and fairly nice, on 90% of the ui and apps that support it. Only a few menu and contacts messages screens stay in white background. It's has a hidden feature to remove wallpaper. Once enabled your wallpaper will clear out, since there is no clear button to wallpaper. You can add wallpaper after enabling high contrast like you normally would, or turn off high contrast and add wallpaper if you choose to. Updated apps. The update utility does a good job, but... there are many other updates skipped. Hopefully on a refresh of 9.0 we may see some improvements. Until then, you can add an updated file manager and files, with updating other system files. Some of which unlock features hidden away in menus or how you interact. I updated the caller ui as well just by side loading many of the newer released versions for android 9.0.

Also this phone has bluetooth 5.0. Like android 9.0 it's light years ahead of its predecessor v4.1. There is not a file format I have seen not being able to do file transfer with. I had to mod my Samsung Tablet to be Bluetooth unlocked on file tranfers. This phone is unrestricted with bluetooth. Also it has 5.1 audio
output, so your not limited to just stereo.

Note: do not update LG keyboard and LG gallery3d. They break the usable function on this device. You can recover, by adb uninstall, and using solid Explorer to launch an installation of the system app within root file system. Even though you uninstall an app, the system will not allow removal due to write permissions. So what ever system app you uninstall, it will stay in hibernation until installed manually. It's a good thing, as to recover from a bad package installation. I used adb uninstall commands to remove a lot of bloatware by google. You need to install an app tool from google play store to read the apps and list their location and true package name. Without the proper name, you will not be able to uninstall using adb. Camera, yep it gets a bad rap because it's a lowly 8mp camera. Well the issue I found is the camera app it's self. I installed an HD camera app to verify with. Believe it or not you can achieve higher details using a free camera app, over the factory camera app it's self. I tried updating the factory camera app, but the update is for 64bit android. Will have to wait for more system files from online sources. It's not even a year old yet, so I assume early next year there will be lots of updated files to pick from, if this phone misses out on a 9.0 refresh. To finalize any more functional use, you must obtain DNS66 and push a hosts file for ad blocking. I use my very own customized hosts file, which covers sites that most adblockers miss out on. Replace chrome with MS Edge as it has its own adblocker built in, and is superior over chrome. Just sync at a computer before changing from chrome. System UI tweaker will allow missing toggles to be added, through editing your toggles bar. You will need to follow the instructions to do adb commands to enable control and the hidden toggles to be activated.

Well that is it in a nutshell. This is the first ever android device I was happy with without need of rooting and changing a lot around. I could have gotten a Samsung A10e or a Moto E6 but I would not have been as happy with look and feel with so little effort.