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Thread: Best Deal on Sprint

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    Best Deal on Sprint

    Wondering if their is anything better than the SERO, SWAC or 5 business lines for $19 each on Sprint?

    I have an older 5 unlimited lines for $100 on Boost with 12 GB Hotspot per line and free callling plus roaming to Mexico and Canada which I never use. I don't trust Dish to honor my plan and was wondering what opportunities exist on Sprint and Tmobile?

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    It really depends on what your needs and priorities are. It is hard to tell if you need to maintain status quo:

    1. At least 5 lines?
    2. Unlimited data (streaming or not)?
    3. Hotspot (minimum of 12 GB per phone)?
    4. Average Cost per line / Total Cost
    5. Coverage - local (mostly urban or rural) regional, national

    Sprint up-charges for administrative charges, taxes and fees whereas T-Mo does not from what I understand.

    Sprint includes basic international roaming 2G throttled with many plans and optional add-on, as requested, premium 4G service for $5/day on demand after consent.

    If I were moving from one carrier to another, I would seriously consider new TMo with Magenta Plus - assuming that you want more than two lines.

    Then, I would consider Sprint. I added a 6th line to Sprint but I seriously considered a move to new TMo.

    Disclaimer: I have only been on post-plans so I know very little about prepaid plans.

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