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Thread: Good News: You Can Mix/Match Prepaid Loyalty and Multi-Line - Even for Primary Lines!

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    Good News: You Can Mix/Match Prepaid Loyalty and Multi-Line - Even for Primary Lines!

    Many of us who stacked prepaid family plan discounts over the years, parked a $30/500MB plan as the primary line on their prepaid group.

    The logic behind this is that sub-lines get (up to) $20/month discount anyway - and since the $30 plan does not - by making it the primary line you were paying a net $10 extra, and getting a Verizon unlimited talk/text/500MB line out of it.

    It was a savvy move by Verizon to offer a strategic discount, and increase prepaid line counts.

    The good news is that these lines are eligible for the loyalty discount 5GB plan. And you keep the multi-line discount on the secondary lines. Plus, you also get credit for time already accrued. So the new 5GB plan drops to $25 instantly if you've had the line for nine months.

    It's basically saving $5/month and getting 4.5GB more data.

    For those that locked in multi-line unlimited plans, that "primary placeholder" line is now a net $5/month and 5GB. Not bad, Verizon. Not bad at all! (Temp Mod Note: Non-profit)

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    Would be nice if they implemented this with their postpaid plans as well.

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