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Thread: Change from Simple Mobile to TracFone

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    Change from Simple Mobile to TracFone

    I have an iPhone that is locked to Simple Mobile (with 4 months leftvbefore I can have it unlocked) but want to change to TracFone. My question is if I transfer to TracFone before the phone can be unlocked by Simple Mobile will I need to have 12 months of paid service on TracFone before I can get the phone unlocked?

    Any suggestions on how to get my phone unlocked quicker?

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    I don't know of any way to get it unlocked quicker, but you can Chat with a rep (then save the transcript) and ask if the "time served" with Simple Mobile can be credited toward the 12 months required by Tracfone. The unlocking policy says the phone has to be in service for 12 months without service being transferred to another phone before that. But in this case the phone remains in service, and just being switched to another subsidiary.

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    Since Simple Mobile is a Tracfone branding, you could have them just rebranded it without having it unlocked. I am not sure if they will reset the unlocking time.

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