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Thread: Question about buying service on website

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    Like mentioned, can't you just do a $10 card and get the add-on? All this fuss over an extra 83 cents a month. Maybe TF now requires you to buy something to get the extension.

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    I used to be able to get the add on offer if I put a $5/1000 text add on in the cart. It's been months since I've had to extend service on a phone. The last phone I added the year's service to was a ZTE flip (but can't buy texts only minute or data add ons for that one).

    I use my cellphone Chrome browser to order at the TF site.

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    Can't remember who suggested this, but when you find you no longer see the desired add-on, try clearing your browser history/cache and see if that helps. A recent post in another area attested to this.

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