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Thread: Will An Unlocked Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro Do VoLTE On Total Wireless?

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    Will An Unlocked Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro Do VoLTE On Total Wireless?

    As posted above, will an unlocked Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro do VoLTE on Total Wireless?

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    If you look on that link, at the specs, it has only one band: Band 48 (PrivateLTE).

    So it won't work on any commercial carrier in US (or anywhere else).

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    We'll never know until someone gets the phone and tries it out.

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    0 shows many more LTE bands. My guess is that it's unlikely that the unlocked version can be activated directly on the Vzw network, but as with several other phones, it's possible that an active Vzw SIM can be swapped in.

    As SoNic67 said, the link you provided only shows "Band 48 (PrivateLTE)".

    But as ShredFred said, we'll never know for 100% sure until someone buys and tests it.

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