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Thread: How does 5G work on MVNO's?

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    How does 5G work on MVNO's?

    Theoreotically, if a major US carrier like T-Mobile rolls out 5G, does it automatically work on its MVNO's? So for instance, if I have Consumer Cellular and use a T-Mobile sim card, will I have access to their 5G network? Assuming of course I am in the correct coverage area and have a 5G device.

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    supposedly some tmobile MVNOs already have access to 5G. looks like there needs to be an explicit agreement between MVNO + tmobile, YMMV if consumer cellular has it

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    TMobile is most likely everyone. Verizon and AT&T a different story.

    I had 5G on mint mobile before it was confirmed.

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    Tmobile is already confirmed for mvnos. Att , the best you're gonna get is Fake 5G or the 5G"E" that they came out with a couple of years ago. And Verizon isn't going to give 5g to the mvnos before their own prepaid brands (Verizon prepaid and Visible) get it first. Historically, the big two always rolls out the good stuff to prepaid later.

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