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Thread: gUDP Plan - Verizon Dropped MMS and Can't Add it Back

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    gUDP Plan - Verizon Dropped MMS and Can't Add it Back

    As of about last week, Verizon somehow dropped my MMS plan on my admittedly old plan. I can still receive regular SMS but any group or pic/video messages do not get sent or received.

    I called them up and the feature to add the text plan is on their computer but even when they add it on, I continue to get an error that I'm not subscribed to that feature.

    Finally a rep chatted with a supervisor and they said the tower dropped the feature so they aren't able to add it to my plan.

    i'm confused because MMS is still a thing, why would the "tower drop the feature."

    Anyone have any experience or can help guide me on what to tell the rep when I call back in? Or who to ask for?

    My plan details:
    Americas 450 Choice Plan
    5000 Text - Unlimited M2M

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    Time for a new plan

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    "Towers" don't drop features, that's nonsense, that's the supervisor wanting to get you off the line. I would call back and ask to speak to tech support; it's likely when you call back that the rep may want to try adding the account feature on again first, I think they're supposed to at least try once before transferring to tech support just in case it's something they really can solve; feel free to let them. (and it's possible they'll even do it successfully... some reps do know more about the ins and outs of the system than others.) Then (if it didn't work) they should transfer you. Tech support both have access to some of those account codes and such that the regular reps may not, and also, well, the main people are meant to take care of "normal" issues, tech support specializes in the odd problems the main line reps can't take care of, and I've found they do a reasonable job of it. Sometimes these phone companies really do decide some plan is too old, once the codes are gone they can't get them back on the account; but I'm guessing in this case tech support probably can.

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    What phone? Are you sure the APN settings on your end are not just wonk?
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