Just got the 8800L MiFi. So far works great, but the device screen shows incorrect over lapped/garbled usage...10240mb 10240mb etc. No I haven't used 10240MB. This is my second device, first had same issue but also wouldn't stay connected so was replaced at a Verizon store. This one works great except the usage display issue.
I believe I was once told that the display reads in GB where as the MyVerizon usage is in MB. I thought that once I hit the GB of usage the display would show correctly. No it hasn't. All updates installed to date.
Read only a couple things about this being a software issue; but no resolutions even from Vzw CS. I haven't ventured into the Admin Settings software on the device to see what it reports in there. Pain having to log into MyVerizon to see my usage.

I did battery removal, restart, and factory reset; no change.
Wonder if Verizon is pushing usage to the device in MB and the screen only displays GB; or if on my first renewal it'll change that?

Anyone have any info on this? Thx