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Thread: This is so stupid if true....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckoch125 View Post
    Lol that's not true at all. I remember when the first launched their LTE I would get 100+ Mbps routinely before everyone was on it and it became congested.
    Verizon’s LTE first became capable of greater than 100 Mbps with the launch of AWS (Band 4 or as they marketed it XLTE) in 2014.

    Band 13 is 10x10 MHz nationally and until they rolled out 256QAM in late 2016/early 2017 peaked at 75 Mbps. Not up for argument.

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    I think the early speedtest apps didn't cope with those high speeds properly, the test was too short for the test to be accurate. I saw 90mbps in New Jersey once too; the Stratosphere and Stratosphere II were both band 13-only, and category 3. (In my local market I don't think I ever saw over 10mbps on band 13 alone, until they put in microcells here a year or two back the main sites were usually not quite congested but VERY busy.) Thing is though, that speed test the "speedometer" just about pegged out and the test ran for a VERY short length of time, like a second or two, I suspect with time that short some bit of timer error (which would have been easy, that phone wasn't that fast when it was brand new..) could have thrown the result way off.

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    5G is mostly for marketing right now so on their part it would not be a bad move on their end. For us, rip off.

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