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People don’t understand that the SIM card itself doesn’t do anything. It’s just a unique ID number to use on the network/in the database.

It’s the network itself (underlying IT system) that decides whether or not to grant access to the connected device and what services are provisioned on the line.

Likewise, SIM cards don’t break or go bad, per se. But getting a new one can help sometimes as it forces the line to be re-provisioned.
And yet the system can apparently require a SIM to be new enough. Cases of SIMs having to be new enough to support LTE in the past. Or VoLTE.

And I've had a SIM go bad. Moving between phones. I had one on a trial 1 year line I had that, trying to move to another phone, it went bad and the phones stopped recognizing it. It was only 9 months in, and I had regular sex calls I had to delete in voice mail, so I just through it out. Hopefully by the time someone gets that number again the robo caller will give up on the number. (always from same number, so I could block it on the phone. But not block the voice mail from recording it).