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Thread: Volte and wifi calling issues with the new iPhone 12

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serial Port View Post
    I am pretty sure that 4G = VOLTE on a modern iPhone with an updated iOS, definitely not with 3G. If VOLTE is not working it could be a internal phone setting needing to be corrected, a feature not enabled in the billing system, or a bad SIM. Best wishes.
    Since this is the Cricket forum, I think we can assume this is in the US. And in the US, the iPhone generally shows LTE when on real 4G. If it shows 4G, it is actually super 3G, not LTE. Of course, ATT likes to use 5Ge for fake 5G (super LTE).

    Don't disagree about why VoLTE might not be working. Also, could be in an area that doesn't have LTE for ATT. That is shrinking, but not fully covered.
    iPhone 12 Pro is my current primary phone. Not yet signed up for 5G.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iceman0222 View Post
    While not on wifi make a phone call if it still says LTE in the status bar then volte is working if it switches to something else ie: 4g or 3g or something then itÂ’s not working..
    Thanks, Looks like VoLTE is working for me with one of the old green and white sims. I didn't know I had to turn wifi off to see "LTE" and indeed it is still showing when I'm making a call. Wifi calling also working. Cheers.

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