I researched and found that Samsung has a tablet (the "TAB A") that accepts a SIM and includes a Phone Dialer.

I purchased an unlocked "Tab A" and a SIM, and the device is showing as Activated on the mobile network; I've been receiving smsg's from the Mobile provider and others in my Contacts list.

I do not, however, see a Phone widget anywhere; and when I search for one I see that the Phone app is Enabled on this device … Just no widget ..?

I thought, based on past experiences with Call blocking apps that insert themselves ahead of native Phone widgets, that I could try a Dialer from the Galaxy Store and / or the Google Store; but when I try those, they launch MS Skype (which is not the same thing: Skype wants to bill me for each "phone" call ???).

On the one hand I understand that Samsung "cripples" the phone in it's tablets; but, on the other hand, as I am seeing the Phone App and Phone Service on this device, I am encouraged by various informational Posts around the Web which indicate that if I can find the Phone widget, that I'm good to go.

Am I delusional? Or on the right track? And, if I am on the right track, what's my next series of moves to get a Dialer on this device?

I should mention that I actually do not intend to use this tablet as a phone; but I am desperate to get into the phone's "settings" so that I can forward all calls to this number over to the phone I actually carry with me (this is what I had been doing with that number before I ported it over to the alternate cellular provider). I intend to, simultaneously, work with the cellular provider to instruct me on how to do this via my online access to this new cellular account, so maybe this query is moot. But presently I don't see a way to do this online (??).

Thanks in advance for any insights!! MDP